I work with assumptions and illusions, taking what’s seen and tweaking it just enough to make you think twice: altering the conception of reality. The question of whether photography is a faithful document is not a new one. Regardless of how objective I might be, my eye is my lens, through which you will see my version of the world. Which is as it should be—otherwise, we would all take the same photos.
I want to stir up the everyday and elevate the mundane to the sacred. I want to push what we take for granted into the spotlight for critical scrutiny. Images can be an escape from reality, or they can be an invitation to explore reality. If the same image can accomplish both, then I have created something worthwhile.
I shoot both digital and film, and have been known to utilize alternative processes. Digital suits my documentary style work for convenience, but film still remains part of my repertoire; partly because I believe in keeping the craft of traditional photography alive, but because there is an aspect of time lapse and perspective that is missing from digital. Film, particularly if shot with toy cameras, offers more opportunities for the unexpected.